Jamboree Information

In the Download Section to the right you will find PDFs of documents developed by the Coaches and the Snow Valley Skating Club for the very first NW Jamboree.  It is from these templates that the CNCR Region has continued on with this concept and we now have Jamborees before KHY and Regionals. There are Clubs in the NW that host their own Jamboree and if your Club would like to do so please contact a CNCR Board member and we can arrange for your Club to have use of the Jamboree banner for keeping the scores.

A huge Thank You to the Snow Valley Club for sharing these templates with the Region.

The documents listed below are also available in Word/Excel and if you need a working copy please notify us.

  1. Checklist for Jamboree
  2. Committee Heads Blank Table
  3. Jamboree Final Schedule
  4. Jamboree Package Registration Sample
  5. Judging Sheets for Freeskate Events
  6. Judging Sheets for Interpretatives & Showcases & Creative
  7. Judging Sheets for Spins
  8. NW Jamboree Committee Responsibilities
  9. NWJ Donation Request Sample
  10. NWJ Minutes Template
  11. Suggestions
  12. Thank you

Also in the Download Section is the CNC Regional Championships' Jamboree for 2015's announcement.  This shows how this event has grown and changed.