Test Info

In the Download Section to the right you will find the following information to help with test days.  Some of the PDF files below are available in a Microsoft Word or Excel format.  If you would like a copy in Word/Excel format please contact us and we will see if one is available and email it to you.



  1. CNCR Test Chair Manual - REVISED 2017
  2. Judges Committee Statistics Form - Revised
  3. StarSkate Test Codes - Oct 1 2015
  4. STAR 1-5 Test Codes
  5. Judges Bureau Test Day Expense Form



  1. CNCR Permission to Test Form - revised 2015
  2. Tests at Competition Application Revised December 2014
  3. CNC Region Judges Bureau Test Day Expense Form
  4. Skate Canada Test Summary Sheet
  5. Skate Canada Test Listing with fees and codes
  6. Test Day Draws
  7. CNCR Officials Travel Expense Form Revised December 2014
  8. Skate Canada Summary of Test Fees - 2016
  9. Skate Canada BC/YK Section - Judges Committee Statistics Form- revised 2016
  10. Skate Canada Test Record Sheet for Skate Canda Clubs