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In the Download Section to the right you will find the following information to help with a variety of aspects of Club Managment.  Some of the PDF files below are available in a Microsoft Word or Exel format.  If you would like a copy in Word or Excel format please contact us and we will see if one is available and email it to you.

Skate Canada - > Safe Sport 

Skate Canada's Program provides information and training on a variety of topics from Bullying to Concussion Prevention.  All clubs are encouraged to complete the training provided. 



  1. Club Minimum Operating Standards Policy - Skate Canada - Revised April 2011
  2. Program Delivery Standards - Skate Canada
  3. Club Operations Checklist - Skate Canada - Revised August 2011
  4. First Aid Certification Policy
  5. What Every Skate Canada Club Board Needs to Know
  6. Club Code of Ethics - 2005
  7. SOCAN - Important Information
  8. Helmet Use Policy as of September 2011
  9. Start of the Season - Renewing Club Registration Info and other miscellaneous adminstration information from Skate Canada
  10. Steps to Getting Started for the Season 2011/2012 - from Skate Canada
  11. BC/YT Sanction Form
  12. Coaching Cert Levels 2012 (tells you what a coach can coach at what levels)


  1. Member Registration Tips
  2. Membership Registration - Online How to
  3. Update Club Boards and Coaches online
  4. Professional Coaches Listing - Continuing Clubs can do this on-line, New Clubs can use this form (from 2010/2011 season - check with Skate Canada if can use for the current season).
  5. Registration Activities
  6. Summary of Club Registration Fees - Annual filing for Clubs and Club Membership to Skate Canada, includes insurance premium and SOCAN fees.
  7. Consent and Realse Form (Sample - can send the Word document so your club can put their name and address at the top instead of XXXX) - This can be used for Club registration of its members.
  8. Skate Canada Fees - Directive 2011 - How the fees have to be broken down on registration forms


  1. Insurance - Are you covered?
  2. BFL - Certificate of Insurance forms and info - 2 different PDFs
  3. Bring a Friend Day


All of the forms below are either available in Mircrosoft Word or Excel.  If you need a form to fill out on your computer please contact the Region and we will email you the format you require.

  1. Field Training Application
  2. Field Training How To
  3. Field Training Budget format
  4. Field Training Final Income Statement format
  5. CNCR Calendar of Events for 2014/2015