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2011-02-03 | CNCR Website


The new CNCR Website has the capability to email members our newsletters.  The announcement for the Quesnel FSC's winning of the Skate Canada contest was broadcast emailed to the following:

  1. CNCR Board members
  2. CNCR Club emails
  3. CNCR Cub Presidents
  4. CNCR Club Secretaries
  5. CNCR Club Coaches

We always send our information to at least 2 executive members of a club, in case one is away. 

On the CNCR Website we only have the capability to list 2 club coaches, so the first two that are listed on the Form 100s are the two that are listed.  If another coach wishes to receive the broadcast emails please forward their name and email address to the website and they will be added on for the broadcast emails.

All newsletters and announcements are also included in RSS feeds.  I honestly do not know how this works, but the availability is there.

If any of your members, other than those that are listed, would like to be included in the broadcast mailings, please forward their information to this site.

When the new Form 100s are received for the new season the changes will be made for the emails.  If you are President this year and next year you step down then your email address will be replaced with the new President's.  If you wish to stay on the email list, please let us know.

Thank you,

Sandra Lenuik

CNC Region Chair

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