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Raze the Roof

2015-08-14 |

~~My community, Hazelton, is raising money ($155,000) to remove our condemned arena roof so we can skate on an outdoor, compressor cooled rink.  If we don't raise the money the nearest arena is an hour away, and we have no pool and no common recreation space and a large number of people don't have a car, or money for gas.  It would mean the end to our hockey and figure skating program that keeps 200 kids busy and out of trouble in a community that has the highest bad stats for BC (teen pregnancy, school drop out, drugs/alcohol, poverty).  Our skating club just worked the gate at the Kispiox Music Festival and earned $3000.   There are a lot of dedicated parents and community members working to keep our kids out of trouble and share some skills, we just need a place to do our stuff!  Check it out, help us if you can, and spread the word widely on email and facebook.

Stacey Brown

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