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2014-07-03 | Region Board

July 3, 2014


Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  I know it is probably the last thing you want to think about on a hot summer day, but a new skating season is upon us!

Your new CNCR board has already had its first meeting back in April - the annual Planning Meeting, and a second meeting is coming up soon.  We have a bit of information we would like to pass on before you hit the ice for Fall Schools.

  1. CNCR Website has been updated with all the newly elected Club Board of Directors and Coaches.  There are only 5 clubs thtat haven't sent in their Form 100's so that we can update the website and our email addresses.  Those 5 clubs are listed on the Home Page of the CNCR Website.
  2. There is a CNCR Schedule of Events for the 2014/2015 season in PDF and it can be found in both the Region and Club tabs.
  3. The Event Calendar on the CNCR Website has been updated with all competitions and test days and the CNCR Skater's Development.
  4. All Clubs should hold off working on their bylaws.  Now that the BC/YK Section and Skate Canada have both revamped their bylaws there will be a revised sample for the clubs to use.  The hope is this will be ready in the fall and then your CNCR Board can assist you in updating/changing your current bylaws.  If you have any questions/concerns please contact either your Area Rep (Kim Dumanowski - North Area, Leslie Jones - South/Central Area, Denise Hendry - West Area) or your Region Chair (Sandra Lenuik).
  5. The CNCR Skaters' Development Seminar will be in October - would you like a Know Your Sport to run alongside the seminar?  If so please send your ideas of what you would like to see at a Know Your Sport to Sandra.
  6. There will be a Club Questionnaire going out at the end of summer beginning of fall.
  7. **** IMPORTANT **** The Club's Coaches' Rep now has a vote on the Club's board.

Just a short little update:)  If you have any questions or concerns as you are preparing for the upcoming start of the season feel free to contact your Area Rep, the Region Chair or any other Region Board member.

Have a Great Summer and see you soon!

Sandra Lenuik

CNC Region Chair



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