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BC/YT Section Announces a Centre for Skating Coming To Prince George

2012-09-10 | BC/YT Section Website


Skate Canada BC Centre for Skating Comes to Prince George

Thu, 6 Sep 2012

Skate Canada BC/YT is pleased to announce the development of a Skate Canada BC Centre for Skating in the Prince George area.

Over the past 15 years two Centres for Skating Excellence have been designed and implemented, one in Burnaby and one in Kelowna. The participation and competitive success of both Centres is extraordinary as a result of a clear curriculum, which follows the Canadian Sport for Life model. A victory may come in the form of a National or International medal but perhaps more vividly is the personal success of each of the skaters through a better-designed system, improved delivery and environment for personal progress.

The skating coaches in Prince George have come together in a coordinated initiative to use their teaching and coaching strengths in a team effort. Skate Canada BC/YT will provide human resource and support services to build a successful skating program whether for figure skating, hockey, ringette or just to learn to skate at any age.

Ted Barton, Executive Director of Skate Canada BC said, “We worked with both local clubs to encourage a merger into one entity and although there was an effort by both local clubs an agreement was not forthcoming. So, the coaches of these clubs forged ahead and moved together into one entity. We very much support this proactive move to create something better for the skaters of the North and will help in any way to ensure a better process for each person wanting to skate”.

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