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2011 / 2012 SEASON IS STARTING - updated information now on CNCR Website

2011-08-29 | Skate Canada & BC/YT Section


The CNC Region Board would like to welcome all returning Skate Canada Members and new Members to the 2011/2012 Season!!

There are many changes/updates within the Skating World for the 2011/2012 season and the CNC Region Board will attempt to keep the clubs, parents, skaters, officials and coaches updated on the CNCR Website.  We have started to build a "Newsletter" list where the Website Email Blasts newsletters.  At this time all club emails, presidents, secretaries and coaches (from the Form 100s) are on the email blast list.  If you would like to be included please send an email to us under the "Contact Us" tab and you will be included on all future Newsletter Blasts.

Over the Summer the Board has been working on the Website to update it with new information from Skate Canada, BC/YT Section and the new season's forms from the CNCR.  There is a new section under the Club Info tab - "CanSkate Information" and this information that was picked up at the Skate Canada AGM this year.  The Calendar has also been updated with all the upcoming CNCR & Super Series competitions and CNCR Test days.  If you have anything special that you would like posted on the CNCR Calendar - i.e. Ice Shows - please forward the information to either your Area Rep or the Region Chairman.

The first big event for the CNCR for the 2011/2012 season is the upcoming Junior/Senior High Performance Seminar on the weekend of September 16th to 18th.  There will also be a Coaches' Seminar and a Know Your Sport Seminar offered at the same time.  Something for the whole skating family!  The registration forms and information are posted on the website.

Club administration information from Skate Canada, as well as Insurance info, registration info and much, much more have also been updated and posted to the website.  The website has also been updated to include links to the BC/YT Section website's specific pages - i.e. Club page.

Updated Judging and Coaching information has also been posted to the website as well as links to the BC/YT Section.

We would like to update the "Golden Blades" section so if you have any skaters from your club that received their Golden Blade last year please email that information to your Area Rep or the Region Chair so the skaters' name can be added to the list.  If any skater has passed their Senior Competitve Test please forward a little write up about the skater so it can be posted with the other Senior Skaters.

We would like to invite you to come take a peek at your Regional Website and hopefully it will be able to answer some questions you may have as you get started for a new year of skating.

On Behalf of the CNC Regional Board

Sandra Lenuik, CNC Region Chair

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