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NOTICE OF 2019 CNCR Extraordinary Meeting

2018-01-11 |

Please join us for the CNCR Extraordinary General Meeting on Friday, January 18h, at the Billy Barker Hotel in Quesnel at 8:00 p.m.  The 2019/2020 season test days and seminars will be planned and election of 6 positions on the board -, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and three directors, so if you know anyone, please consider putting forward a nomination.  As well - the following changes to the bylaws have been proposed: 4.2 Annual General Meetings - An annual general meeting of the Region will be held at least once in every calendar year, in accordance with the Societies Act 6.6 Election of Directors at Semi Annual General Meeting - The Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors-at-large will be elected by majority vote of all Members in good standing at each extra ordinary general meeting at which an election is necessary to fill a vacancy in these positions and Directors thus elected will take office commencing at the close of the extra ordinary general meeting or such later date as may be determined in accordance with the policies adopted by the Board.   

The notice, meeting package, bylaws, nomination form and proxy forms are available on the General Meetings Page. 



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